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How We Can Help

Strategies for Small Businesses is an agency with a laser-focus on strategies supporting small businesses both online and offline. Our support ranges from Brand Strategy to Marketing Strategy, to Task Implementation Strategy, to Team Management Strategy.

  • Is Your Brand on Target?
  • Do the programs/products/services you offer reinforce Your Brand and Purpose?
  • Does Your Brand and Purpose Speak To Your Target Market?
  • Does Your Brand Spell Out What You Want to Be Known For?

We ALWAYS Respect Your Privacy!

Lead Generation

Grow your database! Build your audience base! Find your followers! Gather referrals!

Sales Funnel

Build marketing funnels that generate more engagement and sales.


Converting your audience to customers. Building your sales and profits.

Work with a Tactician that is Ready For Action!

Why Work with a Tactician?
How are they different from a Strategist?

Tactician: noun - A person who creates and executes carefully planned strategies to achieve specific goals & results.

Strategist: noun - A person skilled in planning and policy.

YOU DECIDE - do you want just a planner or someone that will focus, plan, and execute all based on achieving the goals at hand?

Lead Master Tactician, Christina Littrell-Williams stands at the ready to speak to you, review what you are doing now, and discuss some ideas that you can implement into your current marketing efforts to build your business stronger and more profitable.

 Meet with our Master Tactician Before Your Competition Does!

Each of these areas is vital to a successful business and having solid strategies in place for them is crucial.

Wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey, Christina and Strategies for Small Businesses can meet you there and support you the rest of the way!

Christina Littrell-Williams

CEO and Lead Tactician

Christina is trained in Sales Funnel Success. Marketing is her passion. She is a Certified Partner with InfusionSoft.  She works in different platforms designing successful marketing funnels for her clients.  She invests the time to get to know her clients, their market, their strengths and their weaknesses in order to build out full bodied funnels.

With over 13 years’ experience in this field, Christina brings a lot to the table. Along with a joyful heart and integrity mindset she supports the growth of several businesses on their paths to success.

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