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Message Marketing - Text Messages (SMS)

Welcome back to the #SFSB Podcast -  Message Marketing Series. Today we will be discussing Text Message Marketing.

In the past two podcasts I have shared what Message Marketing is and shared tools along with best practices in detail for Email Message Marketing.

To recap, Message Marketing is marketing using any and all messaging tools available. The most familiar and used set of tools consists of: 
  • Emailing
  • Social Media messaging
  • Text Messaging
  • Direct Mailing

In the next few podcasts, I will continue to break down these different tools and share “best practices” you should be using in your marketing efforts in order to achieve the best results.

In the last podcast I went into detail about Email Marketing, still the most effective marketing tool to date, and I listed best practices along with Spam triggers to avoid.

Today we are moving on to the next tool, Text Messages, or SMS - Short Message Service.

Text messaging became mainstream around 2002 though it actually started around 1992 with the very first text being sent. The popularity of texting grew with increased mobile phone sales and texting limitations lifted from the phone service providers. These messages are delivered instantly (for the most part), they have less to compete with in reaching your audience, and they are relatively easy to create and send.

There are roughly over 6 billion text messages sent every day throughout the world.

WOW! This number includes text messages sent by both adults and kids.

Most people own a mobile device that is on their person all waking hours. This makes it  the most used implement around by far. In a report it is noted that out of those polled, 70% of customers say Text Messages (SMS) marketing is a good way to get their attention. Text message marketing works for both Business to Consumer and Business to Business marketing efforts. It is quick, easy for the consumer, and makes that needed connection.

The downfall to Text Message Marketing is the limited number of characters allowed in a single text. They are great to use for awareness of something you sent via email or to send a message about an offer expiring with a link they can click to take action.  Text messages can be great reminders of an upcoming event people are registered for, and if you have an image that outlines your special offer you are not limited to characters., Harbor Freight and other companies use the image method with a link noted as the text. I recommend using the image method only if you have a well known brand and relationship with your audience. 

Like email marketing, text message marketing has a list of best practices…

  • You MUST have permission.
  • Be courteous to your database and do not send TOO many messages.
  • Be consistent with the number of texts you send for a specific reason
  • Make sure you have a way to respond to any replies to your text messages and be responsive, even if you have a team member monitor this aspect.
  • Incorporate personalization in your messages (most services have merge fields).
  • You MUST add any disclaimers.
  • You MUST add directions about how people can opt out of receiving messages from you

I invite you to go over to and download the Branding and Purpose Checklist. This will help you work through the questions you need to answer and really helps you have a focused dive into all of your Branding.

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When assisting SFSB clients set up a Marketing Plan we work through marketing strategies that fit their business along with the personality of the business. 

Here are a few tactics that will support a good text message marketing plan:

  • Offer Incentives
  • Have CLEAR CTA’s (Calls to Action) in your message. Include links for the recipient to use or a phone number can be clicked on.
  • Keep your messages short and easy to read.
  • Have a sense of urgency in your message, giving it more of a purpose.
Though text message marketing is very successful as far as delivery and interaction, remember, you don’t want it to be your only marketing outlet.  

Use this method alongside other tools like email message marketing and social media message marketing.

This is another place you do not want to be using your private phone to manually send out messages to your audience.  You want to use a tool made for this! There are several on the market today and many of them integrate with your CRM/Email Marketing platform. Some of the text message marketing tools are: Twilio, Simple Text, PlusThis (used with Keap/Infusonsoft alongside Twilio), FixYourFunnel (used with Keap/Infusionsoft for texting). Each of the systems will provide you with a specific phone number to send and receive from, and they walk you through the setup and any integration you might need. 

As always, we at SFSB are here to help! If you are not sure whether you should be using text message marketing, or wondering which platform you should choose, or what kind of strategy you should start to implement, we are here for you! Set up your complimentary “meet and greet” meeting here and we can support you!

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