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Message Marketing Series – Social Media Messenger Platforms

Message Marketing - Social Media Messenger Platforms

Welcome to the Make It Happen Podcast brought to you from Strategies for Small Businesses.  Hi I’m Christina Littrell-Williams and we are continuing with the Message Marketing Series. Through this series I have covered an introduction to Message Marketing , Email Marketing, and Text Message Marketing. Today we will focus on Social Media Messaging for Marketing Purposes.

It seems that just about everyone is on one Social Media platform or  several of them. Social Media started out MANY years ago with just a couple platforms and has grown to include a wide variety of places to "be" and "things to do".

It can be confusing which platform is better than the other, which one should you focus on, or which one is the easiest one to use. 

My first piece of advice is don’t force it!  Don’t force yourself to be on a social media platform just because it is the “trend” and it seems like that is where everyone is at.  You need to be true to who you are!  Though you do need at least one social media platform, it needs to be one you are comfortable on.

Two very important questions to ask yourself: 

Where do you currently “social” interact with your prospects?  

Where are your current clientele spending their time on Social Media?

Truth: Social Media is not going away!

Each of the social media platforms have a public connection along with the ability to private message people.  You want to use all methods of connecting with the right people, methods that are available to you. Having said that, you will also want to not overdo it!  There is a thin line here: be sure you have your boundaries set before you start.

There are 3rd-party programs out there that can assist in automating your messages within different social media platforms.  Be very careful using any 3rd-party program, the different social media platforms have set up strict rules to “messaging” people to avoid spamming and I respect that, I know personally I do not want to end up on someone’s spam messaging list, do you?

What are some of the rules we have to adhere to?

  • First and Foremost, you have permission to message them
  • Limit the number of messages you send to a receiver in a specified amount of time
  • Be sure the content of the message is relevant to the receiver
  • FB/IG  has a 24 hour rule, to send an automated message there needed to be an exchange between you and them within the last 24 hours

I invite you to go over to and download the Branding and Purpose Checklist. This will help you work through the questions you need to answer and really helps you have a focused dive into all of your Branding.

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Thank you

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Some of the platforms are:

ManyChat - they are great to use to start an engagement from your website or an offer or event. They do a great job at educating you on best practices and give you suggestions on how to best use this tool.  They also teach you to engage people in messenger through Email or Text if you needed to get people back into an automated series.

Hyperise - is a platform that has tools that work with your LinkedIn account, website, and some other social media platforms. 

If automating is not in your near future, you can manage your social media exchanges personally or have a team member dedicated to managing/watching it for you.  Though if you have a team member managing it, I recommend that they give you what messages/posts/comments came in and YOU give them a reply to those to post on your behalf.  You do not want to be removed from your Social Media altogether - it is supposed to be PERSONAL one-to-one.

Suggestions for using Message Marketing:

  • Ask a question about how they are doing and start an engagement and then bring them to a platform that is easily managed to give them the information that best fits what they need based on how they are doing.
  • Share new content you posted - a short blurb with a link
  • Suggest connecting with a link to a calendar scheduling application.  Only do this if you know the person/people and can give them a reason why they should schedule to meet with you.
  • One simple message announcing a new free event/training/offer you are doing.

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