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Organization Removes Stress and Brings Success

Organization Removes Stress and Brings Success

Welcome to the Make It Happen Podcast, brought to you by Strategies for Small Businesses. 

Hi, I’m Christina Littrell-Williams and today I am going to talk about how easy it is to get overwhelmed working ON your business; setting up marketing plans, communicating with your database, creating content, and building out products/programs/offers.

Each of those areas need your direct focus, and when you are trying to juggle them all at once it can become messy!


To create a strong sense of organization in your business you should have the following:

  • A marketing plan/calendar in place that reflects the paths noted in your plan focused on achieving the goals you set for your business. In creating your marketing calendar, begin with a big overview for the year, indicating where you are starting and where you want to end up. Then you will break it down by quarters, where you’re starting that quarter and where you want to end up at the end of that quarter. All of this will lead up to your year-end goal. THEN… detail out one quarter at a time focusing on your starting point and your ending point. You will create paths to reach each “end of the quarter” goal. When you start the next quarter you might have to adjust the starting point based on the results from your prior quarter but you’ll have guidelines in place for action to be taken.
  • Maintain records of all of the places your business appears, all of the tools you have collected, all of the marketing paths you have taken and are taking now, and results from those efforts.

It sounds like a lot of “stuff” to put together and I won’t kid you, it is, BUT once you have the notes in place and processes setup, moving forward will be A LOT EASIER and less stressful. You will feel more in control over what is going on IN your business allowing you to work with clients and customers.

I invite you to go over to and download the Branding and Purpose Checklist. This will help you work through the questions you need to answer and really helps you have a focused dive into all of your Branding.

If you have any questions, remember we're always here for you. Just utilize the question button on the website and will get back to you.

Thank you

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