The 4 Platforms for Message Marketing Series

As small business owners we have a lot on our plates every day. We work daily to manage a little bit of the chaos going on but really, we're striving to serve our existing clients/customers along with attracting more of them. On top of that, we manage daily business tasks behind the scenes. Along with handling admin tasks, we meet face-to-face with prospects, work with clients/customers, network, and the list goes on.

On top of all those regular, everyday tasks, we must think about and build our marketing platforms.

In this series, we're going to discuss Message Marketing.

Message Marketing is exactly that: getting your message out through marketing efforts to attract new clients and encourage them to communicate, while keeping your existing clients interested in what you are doing and what you offer by building and maintaining relationships. In addition, you are working to reengage and rebuild relationships with those in your database who may no longer be actively engaging but are potential “return” clients.

Message Marketing is huge in this part of communicating with prospects as well as new and existing clients/customers.

There are four key Message Marketing platforms:

  1. Email
  2. Text messaging or SMS message marketing
  3. Social media message marketing
  4. Direct mail message marketing.

All of these are viable tools that will connect you with everyone you need to communicate with.

Look at each of these, not as individual methods to communicate, but as combined efforts. I wouldn't suggest or say, “Hey, you have to use this one and only this one”. You really want to use a combination of these different tools and platforms to create the biggest impact.

Over the next few weeks in this series, we're going to break down each of these different message marketing methods. I’m going to talk about them in detail. I will share some of the tools that will provide support for you, and even help you automate some of these processes.

It's really important to make sure that your messages are reaching people and that they are congruent.  Be sure they all contain the same tone of voice and the same kind of messaging.

You don't want to be a marketer that confuses your prospects/customers/clients by changing the way you speak and the visuals you use. The tone of voice within your business \ should be consistent in your message marketing, no matter which platform you're using. And in addition, congruency and consistency are also important for your team. Your team should know each of these platforms, when to use them and how to use them. Most importantly, you should construct ways messages are put together and how they sound so there is a “personality” to your business. It's very, very important.

Think of it like this: when people meet you or come in contact with any of your messaging or service delivery methods, they should know what to expect no matter where that message comes from. Example, when you walk into a McDonald's or an In-N-Out Burger and order a burger at either of these places, you know what to expect every time, even if you're in a different location from where you normally go. They are consistent from the time you walk in, how you're treated, how things are priced, and with the end results—what you’re going to eat.

With your message marketing, instead of a hamburger, if you will, you're providing information and that information should be consistent. No matter if they are potential clients, prospects that you're already chatting with, your current clientele, or past clients within your nurturing cycle. No matter where they see a message from you, it should be consistent with who you are.

So, let's look further into these different platforms and their performance value in our next episodes.

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