Christina Littrell-Williams and Strategies for 
Small Businesses, #SFSB

Christina Littrell-Williams
CEO & Lead Tactician 

As owner of VA-a-GoGo, LLC and Strategies for Small Businesses (SFSB), Christina Littrell-Williams has worked with entrepreneurs and small business owners for over 13 years, helping them establish their branding and develop marketing plans to grow their businesses. As well as offering private training, Christina is a strategist, admin specialist, blogger, podcaster, and public speaker. She is well respected and considered an invaluable resource for businesses seeking to expand. Strategies are only as valuable as the plans they are aligned with and through SFSB, Christina works with clients at the ground level, first to identify where they are presently and then where they want to direct their efforts as they grow. 

She focuses on a spectrum of offline and online strategies beginning with laying the cornerstones of a business to building a supportive foundation that will sustain growth. Christina applies the knowledge and experience she’s gained over the years, while continuing to explore and keep up with the pace of technological advances in a changing world. Her teaching style is client-centered. 

She custom designs coaching programs to meet clients’ needs and levels of understanding. Her clients describe her as patient, warm, honest, "get it done" gal, and more! If you’re looking for a speaker or presenter who can build immediate rapport with online or live groups and share ideas to inspire and engage your group, or seeking to create a program/process for the staff of your small business, Christina is highly qualified. To explore ideas or discuss working with her, visit: 

Why Work with a Tactician?
How are they different from a Strategist?

Tactician: noun - A person who creates and executes carefully planned strategies to achieve specific goals & results.
Strategist: noun - A person skilled in planning and policy.

Lead Master Tactician, Christina Littrell-Williams stands at the ready to speak to you, review what you are doing now, and discuss some ideas that you can implement into your current marketing efforts to build your business stronger and more profitable.