Consistent Messaging in Blog Posts, Social Media Posts, Videos and Your Business
Remove the Disconnect and Confusion

Messaging in regards to your business is imperative! As a small business, you know that every interaction with customers and prospects is important. So how do you make sure your marketing materials – your website, blog posts, social media updates, and videos – are sending the right message? In this article we’ll give you some tips for creating content that will help promote your small business in a way that resonates with your audience. Let’s get started!

You have your website, your social media profiles/business page, videos started, and possibly an email list in place. You might have been in business for a while now or you might just be getting started. Is your message consistent across the board?  Are you using the same “tone of voice” in communicating with the public?  Are you sure your message attracts your ideal client/customer?

wrong messaging can be confusing

Messaging Key Points...

  1. Messaging is key when it comes to getting your point across in any type of communication, whether that's a blog post, social media post, or video.
  2. It's important to be clear and concise when messaging, so that your audience understands what you're trying to say.
  3. You also want to make sure your messaging is consistent across all platforms. If it's different on each platform, you'll confuse your audience.
  4. Finally, always test your messaging before releasing it to the public to make sure there aren't any errors.

Whenever you are creating content, always account for your brand, your audience, and your intended results. Though your voice will be set and consistent across the board in all platforms, the executable content will be different. You would not post your actual blog post in your social media post; you would not include a ton of written material in your video description when putting up the video. There are limitations to the number of words, the type or number of images, etc. when posting.  Keeping your message, voice, and call to action the same across the board of platforms can be a challenge, but it is necessary.

Smart Messaging turns the idea lightbulb on

By being mindful of these small details, you can create a more polished and professional image for your business—one that will resonate with customers and encourage them to take the next step in the purchasing process.

I hope you see how important it is to be aware of how your messaging appears across all platforms. Are you staying consistent with your branding and tone?

An audit of all the areas where you put messages out can help ensure that you are presenting a unified front to potential customers. Have you ever noticed inconsistencies in your company’s branding or messaging? Let us know how we can help!

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