What our Clients Say

Judith Cassis 

Writer to Writer

I cannot say enough about Christina Littrell-Williams and the impact working with her has had on my business success. For years I held my business back believing I was unable to perform tech tasks to move it forward. But everytime I approach a challenge, Christina sets appointments to teach me and give me the tools along with the confidence I need to move through it. I have learned so much from her and attribute the growth of my business to being under her tutelage.  

Heather Alikakos

Sales Marketing Coordinator

Meeting with and learning from Christina has been an incredible experience. KEAP, for a long time was a
confusing and daunting platform that made me very nervous, and question my own capabilities. It has
become much clearer to me since Christina was able to explain it in terms that I could better
understand. She has a unique ability to bring "confusing" online platforms into a conversation in terms that relate to how you think and process things. KEAP is a puzzle that keeps getting easier to put together! I’m enjoying the work that I do
in KEAP and have become much more confident with the knowledge I possess and the independence
that I have gained by working so closely with her. Christina has made my job much easier and enjoyable
and working with her has been such a great pleasure.

Sara Sciarrillo

Unstoppable Actor

Christina's guidance and expertise are so valuable - I can always count on her to know the answer and have a solution, often a better and more efficient one than I could have envisioned!
She's empowered me with her knowledge and teaching to be able to solve problems in Infusionsoft myself. Now, because of her patient guidance, I'm able to identify problems or places to improve in our system, and make the changes myself with confidence. I know she has my back - and can help me troubleshoot if I need it - but I'm more capable in this system than I ever thought I'd be, and I can attribute that to Christina 100%.

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